AstroMoon just embarked a new phase!

Introducing AstroMoon, the BSC token that is changing the game. With its advanced technology and innovative approach to cryptocurrency, AstroMoon is the ultimate choice for crypto and astro enthusiasts. Get in on the action now and join the AstroMoon community – you won't be disappointed! The sky's the limit for AstroMoon's potential for growth and success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of something truly groundbreaking and unforgettable..

AstroMoon is an amazing community based token on BINANCE SMART CHAIN!


AstroMoon can perform some operations within the protocol, such as staking (ensuring liquidity and receiving rewards in return), giving tokens for loans (and also being rewarded for doing so), and voting on AstroMoon improvement decisions since $ATM is also a governance token.

Why should you involve in AstroMoon?

Then $ATM token exists because decentralized governance is critical to building and managing a globally dispersed community—and therefore critical to the success of the AstroMoon ecosystem. The AstroMoon Improvement Proposal Process will allow AstroMoon members to make decisions regarding Ecosystem Fund allocations, governance rules, projects, partnerships, and beyond. AstroMoon membership is open to all $ATM holders.


We want to award community initiatives with attention and support, but always with the understanding that each project holds value on its own and remind all community members to do research prior to engaging in any valued community commitment. We are proud to see AstroMoon grow, as a community, as it should be, decentralized, and efficient

AstroMoon Token Sale.

Pre Sale Closing in

Listing Price 100 $ATM = 1 USD


  • 0.01 $BNB = 1,000 $ATM
  • 0.1 $BNB = 10,000 $ATM
  • 1 $BNB = 100,000 $ATM

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Claim 500 $ATM
  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Get 100% $ATM & 30% $BNB per referral

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The initial total supply of AstroMoon tokens ($ATM) at mainnet was 100,000,000 tokens. AstroMoon will have 8 digits of precision as part of the fraction where the minimal unit is called an Mun.

Category - % of Initial Token Distribution

Community - 80%

Core Contributors - 10%

Foundation - 10%

Investors - 0%

Token Details

  • Name - AstroMoon
  • Symbol - $ATM
  • Decimal - 18
  • Supply - 100 Million
Contract Address - 0x133a366C7Ed401D39f074BbABf9A5dCd8525583b

AstroMoon Protocol

$ATM is a governance and utility token used within the AstroMoon ecosystem to empower a decentralized community building at the forefront of web3.

→ AstroMoon was launched as the base layer to foster developments within the AstroMoon Ecosystem.

→ $ATM is the ecosystem’s governance token, allowing AstroMoon holders to participate in DAO.

→ AstroMoon provides access to certain parts of the ecosystem that are otherwise unavailable, such as exclusive merch, events, and services.

→ AstroMoon is a tool for third-party developers to participate in the ecosystem by incorporating $ATM into services, and other projects.